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Walking in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mx.

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"In 1828 concludes the stage history of Loreto to be moved the capital to San Antonio and then to La Paz, where it remains. In 1848 with the loss of Alta California by the war between Mexico and United States, is reoganiza the Government of the province of Baja California, make new two territories with those parties North and South (with time would be the States of Baja California and Baja California), is deleted to Loreto as a municipality. A long night began to Loreto and its mission.
In 1947, 250 years after their Foundation, Loreto is visited for the first time by a Mexican President, the following year dan start the work of reconstruction of the Mission of our Lady of Loreto".
Source: Wikipedia

Listen to talk of Loreto lately is not the same as go and feel everything that is said, and more arrive at Loreto after seeing beautiful panoramic views on the road, make the obligatory stop in the viewpoint to admire the beautiful sea of Cortez with its islands dancing and Carmen, is like feel that our body and soul deserve that break the town of Loreto transmits; with its small but clean and picturesque Malecon, Loreto invites us to meet him in every detail and it is here where we very slaughtered, were there 3 days touring and enjoying to the fullest.

"In the 70s of last century begins to exit Loreto from his long sleep, in 1973 the transpeninsular highway that connects the peninsula of Baja California from North to South and allows road traffic until the border Mexico-United States, in addition to unite the peninsula with Mexico's road system is completed. In 1974 began operations the international airport of Loreto and is thus release abroad via aerial.
In 1992, the ancient capital of the californias Loreto, becomes municipality in the State of Baja California".
Source: Wikipedia.

Hosting regards, don't lose, coming, coming, coming, you find several hotels, ideal for who will step or simply business that is opposite the bus station, small but modest; all this several blocks from the Malecon, so we started direct to the Centre, where there are hotels line the pockets of the client, from 2 to 5 stars; We were going direct to one that we had recommended, economic but overlooking the sea, and that it was, waking up with Dawn and have everything within reach: Boardwalk, beach, restaurants, plaza, artesarias, estero, Mission of Loreto and its Museum.
Mornings we wake-up early, with lazy, but neither mode, the mere fact of thinking that dawn, us to forget everything and at 6 am we were standing, with camera in hand. Many native people and tourism comes to walk on the Boardwalk and part of the beach on one side of the estuary of Loreto, full of beautiful and colorful birds. By the way people are very kind.

Completing the walk some they taste a delicious coffee of grain in the coffee of Lolita, earned after the early morning; at the end of us we went to have breakfast in the resurante on one side of the main square.
The historical or downtown area this newly remodelled, leaving pedestrian streets that the visitor appreciates, the main street crosses strategically from the malecon to crafts area, is an excellent tour it includes very cosy restaurants of all types, with romantic music, outdoor, etc, also there are hotels, the main square, the Museum, the Mission of Loreto and you finalizas with the shopping - handicrafts from all over the country.

The estuary of Loreto is located in the southern part of the malecon, behind Oasis hotel, and is home to plenty of birds who enjoy the excellent climate that offers us this beautiful city, nothing silly, know where it is the ideal place to live...

"Loreto is now a tourist destination, is practised sport and commercial fishing, tourism has triggered the economy of the region to the level of spending in a few years from a forgotten town in the Mexican geography into a city with major real estate developments. Such tourist destination primarily attracts travellers of the United States, Canada and the State of Baja California, many of them have been established in Loreto their retirement homes.
Loreto has now all the services that it can provide a medium-sized city located with a view to the sea, from golf courses to restaurants of high and medium category, marina for yachts and five star hotels."
Source: Wikipedia

In the afternoon night, can out to walk to the pier, its square, or simply go to a bar, have a drink, listen to music, play pool or dine delicious, all this and more, we invite you to know about Loreto, Baja California Sur, proudly Mexican, despite the time which remains standing, awaiting simple people and nobles who seek only a corner to relax and forget daily routine awhile.
In addition to offering the city of Loreto, you can organize excursions to the Islands, the Mission of San Javier, cave paintings, la sierra, etc, it's worth taking the time.

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